Horror Mystery Thriller

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3 (2018)

Release : 2018-08-07
Genre : Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Runtime : 80 Minutes
Home Page :
IMDb Page : https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5618160
Company : White Lotus Productions
Cast : Katie Carpenter, Todd Bruno, Aniela McGuinness, Mike Stanley, Jim Adams
Tagline: Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, hand for a hand, foot for a foot.
Overview : With the help of her husband, a woman tries to get her rapist to own up to what he did to her by kidnapping him. He does not admit to the act, which means the couple must go to greater lengths to get a confession out of him and on record to dispute his alibi.

Streaming 3 (2018) Full Movie. 3 can be playing for free registering. Watch 3 with HD Quality.


Watch 3 Online Streaming

3 2018 IMDb ~ Directed by Lou Simon With Todd Bruno Aniela McGuinness Mike Stanley Jim Adams A man and a woman kidnap her rapist in order to extract a confession come hell or hell

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